Our Services

Pump Services


 Northway's machine shop is supplied with the necessary equipment to get the job done right! Lathes, milling, welders, as well as glass bead and sand blasting equipment are included in our service and repair department. 

Well Drilling


 Northway offers the right drilling technique to suit geological and design specifications. We furnish the knowledge, man power and materials to successfully complete a routine or difficult project installation.  

Well Televising


 Our water well video inspection camera system allows us to provide high definition video to determine the integrity of your wells casing and borehole.  LED for bright dual view,  with radial tilt and zoom for clear viewing during difficult lighting conditions.

Well Rehabilitation



Chemical and Mechanical Well Treatments

Each well is unique and requires specific treatments. Northway's experienced technicians will determine which solution best fits your situation.



Airshock uses burst of Nitrogen to remove buildup from gravel packs, well screens and surrounding aquifers to assist in the rehabilitation process.  Please see the video below to find out more about the AirShock Impulse Generators



Northway Well and Pump Co has been providing professional water well and pump services to municipal, industrial, and commercial customers since 1971. Our  attention to detail have resulted in an excellent reputation with a long list of satisfied customers. We stand by our work to ensure your needs are met. 

AirShock Impulse Generators

Discover the eco-friendly, high pressure impulse solutions for preventing and overcoming the toughest clogging and buildup problems in the water industry. Please view the video below